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Yummi is a passionate baker’s creation. It started out of Eric’s pure passion for baking, pastry and confectionary. The story of Yummi goes like this…After starting baking at home for fun, the family regularly ended up with a fridge full of cake and brownies with which they did not know what to do. The baker’s mother told him one night at the dinner table that he should start selling all the things he was baking… and that’s where it sparked!

A way to do what the boy loved without the fridge overload! After searching around, the baker boy found a selling point at the most loved Slow Market. It was not long before the brownies took over much of the market table, replacing the shortbread with chocolate and hazelnut centres, chocolate truffles, chocolate cake and other sweets. Now the baker, more commonly known as ‘Yummi Chef’, specializes in different variations of brownies, baked from a high quality couverture chocolate, and French macarons, which he has worked late nights to perfect. He regularly experiments with new ideas and exciting flavour combinations.

Since his gap year in 2009, he has taken up full time studying at the University of Stellenbosch in 2010. His BSc Food Science degree was partly funded by his takings at the market and because of his combined passion for cooking and chemistry, he opened his first bakery in Stellenbosch in 2013. Eric’s aim is to build Yummi until it is known as one of the best patisseries and bakeries across the country, with shops all across the country.

As a passionate sweet tooth and lover of science, he believes that anything you eat should be an experience and a journey. He uses a wonderful fusion of flavours that comes to a surprise to the palate, as well as memories, combining these two aspects to create a memorable experience and a culinary journey. Eating should bring up memories that formed part of one’s life, and create new memories with the people you love. It’s all about the memories and experience.

In the bakery the Yummi team also utilise science as a principle to improve their baked goods and confectionary, as well as to innovate and challenge the customer’s perception of normality. This is done by using fun and exciting flavour combinations which are presented in the form of very classical, elegant pastries and confectionary. They incorporate as many sensory aspects as possible, including a psychological aspect, as well as flavour, smell and texture. These are playfully used to create a surprisingly bold experience, making you want more.

Yummi’s products are all made from high quality ingredients which are sourced locally where possible. Sustainability is one of our major concerns, and therefore one of our favourite ingredients used in almost every single product, chocolate, is certified Fairtrade and made from organic cocoa beans. All our products are also gluten and wheat free, allowing for the enjoyment by individuals that are intolerant to gluten or have wheat allergies as well.

Yummi now specialises in the most decadent treats you can sink your teeth into! We supply for events such as birthdays and weddings and supply restaurants and coffee shops. This decadent treats are found at their bakery, or at the Stellenbosch Slow Food Market on Saturdays.

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