Local Farmer, Local Heroes

There is a lot of talk about buying food directly from the producer. Not only is this the healthier option because of the transparency and low food miles but it also addresses the food distribution chaos we find ourselves. If "Food Waste" was a country, it would be the third largest emitter of greenhouse gasses per the UN. The farmer wants to farm and the customer wants to buy reasonable priced, untampered produce; it is a simple equation which can change the local and global foodscape. We promote being radical about your food choices, avoiding brands and branded supermarkets and shopping at your local market or from a short-supply chain. Colleen our Malmesbury farmer brings free range, o

Wondrous Market Finds

We really love markets, they are a colorful array of shabby and chic, of new and old; a reflection of local flavors, trends and cuisine. The tackiness of a market adds to its charm as well as the breathless hope of finally stumbling upon that 'find'! The traders at markets are a jovial bunch, always hopeful about the good days and pragmatic about the bad days. When you buy at a market you are really investing in your neighborhood. You are shifting money from the mainstream retailers who often steal creativity and you are invigorating the informal economy. Find and support your local market. See these pics of the urban Milnerton flea market and the unexpected beauty found there. There will be

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